lp_skylineA POKER LEGACY: Father and son team Zenas and Les Paul represent second and third generation poker players. Zenas learned the game from his mother who taught him how to play while she was dying of cancer. It was the way for them to spend time together and served as a positive diversion during her illness.

PILCHERBOYZ, INC.: As a single dad raising Les Paul by himself, Zenas didn’t have much of a social life and his employment options were limited as well. He came up with a unique way to live his passion for poker and also make a living. He opened a private poker club at his home and invited people to play.

“I could get people to come play poker at my home, creating a solid camaraderie among our members and poker players in the San Antonio area. And this allowed me to father my son, keeping him close.”

The business grew and evolved into multiple live venues or “clubs”, dedicated to the members, in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. The unique business model allows for money to be shared among its members and given to local charities. Zenas formed Pilcherboyz, Inc. in 2003 anticipating that Les Paul would be joining the family business.

You can say that Les Paul literally grew up in the poker industry and it is in his blood.

LES PAUL: THE NEXT GENERATION: In 2012, when Les Paul turned 16, his father brought him into the family business, and they became the Pilcher Boys.

“My dad has taught me everything I know about poker. He continues to teach me about the game, the business, and giving back.”

In 2017, Les Paul, with the help of his father, formed the newest private poker club in San Antonio, InTown Poker.com, and its not-for-profit, SoberPoker.com.

Les Paul and his father are also available to host and manage poker games and casino nights for corporate and non-profit events.

GIVING BACK: Zenas Pilcher taught his son about giving back. Through his not-for-profit, Chips 4 Children, more than $800,000 has been gifted to local charities.

Les Paul and InTown Poker will follow suit, sharing its money among its members and gifting a portion to SoberPoker to provide help for those suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

lp_chipsPROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Les Paul has led gaming operations management across multiple poker venues, which includes:

  • dealer training and performance
  • member relations
  • catering
  • managing monthly sales
  • overseeing monthly budgets
  • ensuring strict regulatory compliance
  • delivering highly profitable gaming operations

He helps deliver world class poker services to a wide variety of venues and customers and ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“My dad also taught me that I can be myself and also be a professional, as long as I’m dedicated to being the best at what I do.”

PERSONAL PASSIONS: When he is not working Les Paul enjoys spending time with his dad, hunting, fishing, archery, and relaxing at their family ranch in Uvalde, Texas.